Installing Python Pefile and UPX on Amazon Linux AMI (Especially for SET)

If your application (e.g. SET) requires python pefile or UPX, you can not install them easily using Yum package manager on Amazon Linux AMI because Amazon’s default repositories do not contain these packages. However, you can install them as described below:

Installing Python Pefile

  • Download pefile zip file (current version as this post is posted)
    • wget
  • Unzip the downloaded zip file
    •  unzip
  • Change directory to unzipped folder and install the pefile
    • cd pefile-1.2.10-114
    • python install

Installing UPX

  • Get the UPX rpm package (for 32 bit)
    •  rpm -ivh
  • Clean the repository and install the UPX using yum package manager
    • yum clean all
    • yum install upx.i686

It took some time for me to get them installed on Amazon Linux AMI, so I hope you can save some time by reading this post.

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